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Los Angeles based photographer, Nina Junger began her career in Hollywood as a highly regarded make-up artist. The images and storytelling of cinema were the inspiration that sparked her career transformation into a sought-after photographer.

Nina worked on major studio motion pictures, as well as on magazine covers and commercials, working with international icons such as Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz and countless others.
Nina's passion for photography started on these very film and commercial sets working with very talented directors, DP's and actors, creating as a team sparked her love of photography.

Nina is now known for her collaborative working style in creating contemporary and unique looks in fashion, advertising and portraiture. Her style is influenced by her love of indigenous people and animals and her activism. Nina's work in fashion, commercial, portraits and lifestyle photography is raw, earthy, elegant, real and unique to every client.
IMDB page: Nina Kraft, which lists all the films.